Commercialisation opportunities

If you’re looking for temporary trading or promotional sites you’ve come to the right place! Jackson Square offers a superb range of options.

The centre has great footfall and a diverse retail mix making it the ideal location for you to promote your products, brand or services.

Promotional sites at the centre are located in key trading spots including close to well–known retail brands.

Jackson Square offers free-standing promotional sites available on weekly and medium terms.

For further information on how to book space please contact the centre team on [email protected]

In partnership with Positive Media Marketing, we have big ‘A1 poster sites’ (2 foot x 3 foot frames) located in key spots around the centre where thousands will view your message every day.

Our poster sites are both effective and affordable, because they are positioned in captive areas where people stand, wait and want something to read or look at.

For further information please call Simon Grant on Free Phone 0800 915 4444 or email him
[email protected]
or visit

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