International Women’s Day

As we mark International Women’s Day at Jackson Square, we are proud to celebrate the women of the Centre and shout about how these women continue to shape the significant, though unfinished, progress towards gender equality. With around half of Jackson Square’s management and store’s leadership teams being women, and those who identify as women, we are proud of what has been achieved so far to #EmbraceEquity, this year’s 2023 International Women’s Day theme.

Having worked in Property Management for a combined 13 years Corrina Savage, Jackson Square’s Operations Manager, and I as Operations Assistant, are proud to represent women in what is considered a male dominated industry, with hopes to encourage future generations of women to pursue a career in Property Management. We are both equally empowered to perform outside of our comfort zones, build and coach a successful team and provide a platform to community members and groups wherever possible. 

Much like Corrina and I, Kim Stock has worked her way through the ranks to slot perfectly into the role of Jackson Square’s Soft Service Manager. Kim manages the Centre’s Security and Cleaning team here at Jackson Square, once again a predominately male heavy role and industry. She leads with compassion, resilience, and determination, taking the team on a journey rather than simply instructing. She knew what the role required and carried the confidence and self-belief to know that she was the one able to make it happen.

The women of Jackson Square represent strength and passion and, though barriers to female leadership persist, we hope to inspire other females to follow whatever path they wish to, helping break through those barriers to achieve gender equality and embrace equity.

  • Written by Hayley Harris, Operations Assistant at Jackson Square, and proud woman in leadership